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Heavy Towing and Recovery Team Assist After Massive Tractor-Trailer Fire in Altavista, VA

Bee Line’s heavy towing team was proud to assist at the scene of an enormous tractor-trailer fire on Wards Rd. in Altavista, VA. According to the Altavista Fire Department, they received a call at 3:26 PM on March 29 to attend to a vehicle fire. Upon arriving on the scene, the fire department was met with the sight of a tractor-trailer carrying 30,000 lbs of synthetic fibre (silicone) rolls engulfed in flames.

As the fire grew in strength, it began to spread to the dry grass by the roadside. Soon, a thick column of black smoke could be seen from miles away. Several fire companies joined the Altavista Fire Department to tackle the massive fire. Working together they managed to suppress the flames in 3.5 hours. 

With the flames extinguished, the scene was turned over to Bee Line Transport Inc, Virginia State Police, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDoT), and W.E.L. Inc. Thanks to the hard work of the police and Department of Transportation, both lanes of Route 29SB had been shut down and a detour route in place. With the hazardous materials being handled by W.E.L., Bee Line’s heavy towing team was able to focus on the recovery of the trailer.

The driver of the truck had seen the fire (thought to have been caused by burning brakes) and immediately disconnected the trailer and drove the tractor away. His quick thinking saved his life as the fire would have rapidly engulfed the tractor. The trailer was now on the side of the highway with all eight of its tires burned to a crisp with its wheels resting on the ground. 

The recovery effort was intensive, requiring the team to use a chainsaw in order to break down a trailer wall making it legal height for transport on Bee Line’s Landoll trailer. Two 65-ton rotators were used in unison to safely lift and deposit the trailer on the Landoll. The heavy towing team then stayed behind to help load any miscellaneous burnt debris onto their rollback. 

It was not an easy job but it showed that when we work together, anything is possible. A big thanks to everyone involved in fighting the fire and ensuring the scene was safely cleared: 

Altavista Fire Department
Evington Volunteer Fire Department
Hurt Volunteer Fire Department
Gretna Fire & Rescue
Lyn-Dan Heights Volunteer Fire Department
Campbell County Department of Public Safety
Concord Volunteer Fire Department
Virginia State Police
Virginia Department of Transportation
W.E.L. Incorporated

heavy towing

heavy towing

Details of Heavy Towing and Recovery Team Assist After Massive Tractor-Trailer Fire in Altavista, VA

The heavy towing team received a call from Virginia State police at 5:30 PM to recover a trailer located on 29 SB in Altavista, VA. The heavy towing team was immediately dispatched with 2- 65 ton sliding rotators, emergency crash truck, road service truck and diesel mechanic, tractor-trailer, tandem rollback loaded with A 9K reach lift, and another rollback with manpower.

After inspecting the trailer, the heavy towing team determined that it would need to be lifted at 4 points in order to achieve the lift required to load it onto their awaiting Landoll trailer. Using their 9K reach forklift, the heavy towing term pushed the burnt trailer together to prep it for being moved. A chainsaw was then used to cut the corner braces of the trailer so that the heavy towing team could bend the front wall down, making it legal height for transport on a Landoll.

The first 65 ton rotator was positioned towards the front of the trailer while the second rotator was positioned towards the rear. The heavy towing team positioned the Landoll towards the front of the trailer. In unison, the heavy towing team used both rotators to lift the trailer and deposit it onto the Landoll. 

Once the casualty was on the trailer, the heavy towing team carefully used chains to secure it to the trailer. The burned-out trailer was then transported to Bee Line Transport’s secure lot.