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Semi Towing Team Ensures Family Stays Warm in Cold Weather

Bee Line Transport’s semi towing team came to the rescue of a propane delivery truck North of Lynchburg. The truck was delivering propane to a family in order for them to keep their house warm during these cold winter months. Seems simple enough, right? As you learn when you work in the heavy towing industry, nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

The family’s home was located at the top of a mountain and the road leading to their house doesn’t get much sunlight during the winter. When the fully-loaded propane tanker went to drive up the hill, the driver quickly noticed that the road was covered in a thick layer of ice. It was impossible for the truck to get any traction on the slippery slope beneath its wheels.

This is where Bee Line’s team came in to save the day! Our fleet of heavy duty wreckers and rotators can handle any type of weather condition. On this particular day, we sent out a military rotator to aid the propane truck in getting up the hill. Unlike normal 4 wheel drive rotators, Bee Line’s military rotator has 6 wheel drive that gives it much-needed extra grip. The semi towing team hooked up to the front of the propane truck and slowly pulled it up to the top of the hill. Many companies would have left once they got the truck to the top of the hill. Their job was done, right?

The semi towing team knew that if the propane truck did not have enough traction to get up the hill, trying to drive down without aid could lead to a nasty accident. One of the best parts of our job is getting to make our community a safer place for everyone. In order to prevent a possible deadly accident, the semi towing team hooked onto the propane truck once more in order to help it get down the icy hill.

Fantastic work out there team! Your hard work and dedication ensured a family stayed warm and that the truck driver stayed safe!

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Details of Semi Towing Team Ensures Family Stays Warm in Cold Weather

The semi towing division at Bee Line Transport received a call from a client located North of Lynchburg. A semi towing team was dispatched from 155 Airpark Dr, Lynchburg, VA 24502. Once on scene, the semi towing team was able to assess the situation.

A semi truck fitted with a propane tank was trying to make a delivery to a client who lived at the top of a hill. Unfortunately, the semi towing team needed to be called as the hill was extremely icy and the propane tanker had zero grip on the icy road. The semi towing team hooked up to the front of the propane tanker with their military rotator. The semi towing team then slowly pulled the fully-loaded tractor-trailer up the icy hill.

Once at the top of the hill, the Lynchburg semi towing team waited for the propane to be successfully delivered to the client. Once the propane delivery was complete, the semi towing team once again hooked up to the propane tanker. The semi towing team slowly guided the truck down the hill, making sure it did not slip off the icy road.