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Truck Alignment Service in Lynchburg, VA

Commercial semi-trucks rely heavily on front-end alignment, as the back wheels of a tandem axle vehicle must be aligned. Misaligned tandem axles can cause your truck to drift off course, which is dangerous when driving on the highway.

As such, front-end alignment is critical to maintaining the optimal performance and safety of commercial semi-trucks, particularly those equipped with tandem axles. Tandem axles, which consist of two sets of wheels positioned closely together, are a typical configuration in commercial trucks due to their ability to distribute weight effectively and enhance load-carrying capacity.

Proper alignment of these tandem axles’ front and back wheels is essential for ensuring the truck’s stability, maneuverability, and overall safety on the road. BeeLine Transport provides heavy truck alignment service in Lynchburg, VA. Pay attention to the safety hazards posed by misaligned axles! Call us today to keep your truck or fleet operational.

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The Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment

Being a semi-truck operator, you know that managing expenses is crucial, with fuel and tire costs being the most impactful on your financial performance. Ensuring your truck’s suspension promotes a smooth linear motion for your tires is something we are all familiar with. The proper wheel alignment is critical for the following reasons:

Proper wheel alignment is integral to minimizing friction.
Incorrect wheel alignment leads to uneven tire wear.
Achieving proper wheel alignment translates to enhanced fuel efficiency.
Wheel alignment contributes to prolonged tire lifespan.
Correct wheel alignment diminishes wear and tear on your truck’s integral parts.
Notably, front-end alignment is vital for commercial trucks as the rear wheels of tandem axles must accurately trail the path set by the front wheels.

Any deviation in the alignment of tandem axles can result in your truck veering off its intended trajectory, a precarious situation while navigating highways.

What is Wheel Alignment Service?

With wheel alignment services, it makes business sense to fine-tune your things to optimize performance. There are three key components: camber, caster, and toe – all of which are vital in achieving proper wheel alignment and ensuring that your truck’s wheels maintain a straight path on the road.

Camber comes into play as the measurement of perpendicular displacement, while caster pertains to the angle at which your wheel’s pivotal point is positioned. The concept of “toe” encapsulates the angle of directional variance between your tire and the central axis of your vehicle.

When your front and rear wheels are aligned correctly, they should be parallel to the tire beside them and perpendicular to the ground.

How Do I Know if I Need a Truck Alignment?

If your truck veers towards the right or left, your alignment is off, and we can help. Another sign of a misaligned semi-tractor-trailer is wheel vibrations. Be on the lookout for veering or vibrations.

Embracing routine wheel alignments emerges as a wise financial decision. Alignments curtail tire wear by promoting uniform usage across all tires. In addition, fuel efficiency occurs due to the reduction of friction. It’s a win-win and a no-brainer!

We recommend dealing with these situations before they become problematic. Don’t wait. Reach out before a host of issues occur. BeeLine Transport has dispatchers available to schedule an appointment.