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Heavy-Duty Transport and Winch-Outs for Your Fleet

Towing heavy vehicles like large trucks, semis, box trucks, road equipment, graders, bulldozers, and construction equipment is a tedious and meticulous task. Rely on the professionals at Bee Line Transport for heavy-duty towing and winch-out services that make your day easier! We tow all heavy-duty equipment weighing over 10,000 lb.

Heavy Duty Transport In Action

We Have All Kinds of Heavy Transporters

  • Standard rollbacks
  • Tandem rollbacks
  • Road tractors
  • 65-ton rotators
  • Emergency response
  • trucks for vehicles equipped with airbags
  • Reach trucks
  • Large wreckers
  • 4×4 wreckers

Based on your situation and needs, we’ll send the right vehicle, equipment, and professionals to help you out for your heavy duty transport problem. Bee Line Transport is your solution for 24/7 heavy transport assistance at reasonable rates!

Local and Long-Distance Heavy-Duty Transport Services

  • Winch-outs
  • Jump starts
  • Lockouts
  • Fuel delivery
  • Roadside assistance

Our experienced professionals will respond quickly and ensure that your heavy-duty equipment is back on the road as soon as possible. Call us to have your heavy-duty equipment make a beeline for their destination!

Heavy Transport Charging Assistance