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Heavy Recovery Team Rescue Car After MASSIVE 60+ Foot Drop

The heavy recovery team at Bee Line Transport stepped in to recover a vehicle that had fallen over 60 feet in Pleasant Valley.

At 01:45 a.m on Route 460, a single-vehicle accident sent a driver plunging down a 60+ foot embankment. The driver was trapped in the vehicle, unable to get out of the wreckage. A call was made to the Concord Volunteer Fire Department and companies 13 and 16 were dispatched right away.

The fire department made their way down to the wreckage. They noted that there was one sole occupant in the vehicle, a woman that was miraculously unharmed. They were able to quickly remove the door of the vehicle and assist the driver back up the steep embankment. 

Overall, it was a fast and clean-cut recovery. Once she was safe, they handed her over to the Campbell County Department of Public Safety.The woman had fortunately made it out unharmed, but her car was a different issue entirely. 

To recover the fallen vehicle, a heavy recovery team was needed. So, the Bee Line Transport team got two of their trusted members together, with a heavy recovery rotator, and arrived on the scene as fast as possible. 

As soon as they reached the accident site they wasted no time at all. One of the pair made his way down to the accident site.When he was down, he attached the straps to the car between the two front windows. The rotator operator then slowly pulling up the car revealing the damage…The front of the vehicle had been completely obliterated. 

This was a massive job but with everyone working together, the site was cleared before 4AM. Great work from everyone involved, including the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia State Police, Rustburg Volunteer Fire Department, the Concord Volunteer Fire Department, and of course Bee Line Transport!

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Details of Heavy Recovery Team Rescue Fallen Car Trapped Down 60+ Foot Drop

A heavy recovery team was sent out to rescue a vehicle that had fallen down a 60-foot drop. The fire and police department arrived before the heavy recovery team to rescue the woman in the car, luckily she was unharmed. The heavy recovery had sent out two men, along with their heavy duty rotator to save the car.

Once the heavy recovery team arrived at the scene, they got straight to work. One member of the heavy recovery team started his trek down to the car. The heavy recovery team member had to traipse through rubble and rocks to reach the damaged vehicle. At the silver car, the heavy recovery team member attached the straps to the car, through the front windows, while the other heavy recovery team member got the rotator set up.

When it was all safe to go, the heavy recovery team started to lift the car up the 60+ foot drop. With the sheriff, fire department, and police department observing the job the heavy recovery team felt the pressure. But as always, the Bee Line Transport heavy recovery team pulled the job off. The heavy recovery team recovered the single vehicle and got it ready to be towed. The whole operation was completed in just 2 hours.