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Towing Company Comes to the Aid After Boat Owner Gets Into a Tough Parking Spot

A customer in desperate need of a towing company reached out to Bee Line Towing & Transport after a parking job went wrong. The customer was driving his beautiful pontoon boat home after a day on the water. 

He had actually made it to his final destination and was meters away from his parking spot when disaster struck! Hauling a boat trailer can be tricky and a couple of centimeters can make a big difference when it comes to turns.

On this particular occasion, the driver must have taken the turn into his driveway just a bit too tightly. The boat trailer’s tires rubbed up against a small brick divider which caused two tires to completely burst!

With two tires down and his boat trailer stuck, the driver needed a towing company … fast! Our dispatchers obtained all the information from the customer, including the weight of the boat. With all this information on hand, they knew that they would need to send out a rotator to do the job. 

The rotator crew was on site within the hour. After a thorough safety assessment, they determined that the best course of action would be to lift the boat trailer (and boat!) into the air. They would then place it on a trailer and bring it back to Bee Line’s secure yard for storage while it awaited repairs.

Have you ever heard the saying “measure twice, cut once”? The same concept applies to heavy towing. The team made sure to take their time with the weight calculations and rigging in order to ensure a smooth lifting process.

Their methodical approach almost made the lift look easy! Fantastic work out there team!

Details of Towing Company Comes to the Aid After Boat Owner Gets Into a Tough Parking Spot

A pontoon boat owner in need of a towing company called Bee Line Transport Inc. The in-house dispatch team responded immediately and obtained all the necessary information from the customer. The towing company dispatched a heavy towing team equipped with a rotator to the customer’s home.

Once on scene, the towing company ran a full safety assessment. The towing company noted that the boat trailer would need to be lifted in the air and placed onto the back of an awaiting tractor trailer. With everything ready, the towing company began setting up the rigging. They placed tow straps on either end of the boat trailer.

With the rigging in place, the towing company slowly began to lift the pontoon boat’s trailer into the air. Slowly, the towing company maneuvered the boat and its trailer in the air and placed it onto an awaiting trailer.

Once the boat trailer was successfully on the back of the tractor trailer, the Bee Line towing team secured it in place. At the request of the pontoon boat owner, the towing company hauled the trailer/boat back to their secure yard where it would await repairs.