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Bogged Down Truck Will Need a Tow 

Need a tow? A loaded tractor trailer definitely did when it’s driver reached out to Bee Line’s dispatch team on September 22nd, 2020. As many of us tend to do, the driver had relied on his GPS to get him to his final destination. Unfortunately, the GPS didn’t take into account the fact that the vehicle it was guiding was a massive tractor trailer loaded with 38,000lbs of cargo!

The truck driver was forced to make a sharp left turn at a Y intersection. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could have done to prevent the rear of his trailer from dropping into a roadside pond during the extremely sharp turn. Bee Line’s trained dispatch team understood that this would be a complicated tow. In order to ensure that they supplied their teams with the correct equipment for the job, they requested pictures of the truck from the driver.

With those pictures in hand, the dispatch team knew exactly what to do! As you can imagine, this was not your run-of-the-mill towing job. The Bee Line Towing service team needed to first carve out an access to the back of the truck using a weedwacker. They then shovelled mud out from underneath the truck. In order to access the rigging, they had to dig the mud out with their hands (you don’t get into this business if you don’t like getting dirty). This is when they met a new member of their tow team, a copperhead snake who had found himself wedged underneath the truck.

The copperhead was slightly worse for wear after his run in with the loaded tractor trailer so it was relatively easy to move him. Once they dealt with the snake, the towing team could once again focus on the trailer. Using their rotator, they swung the truck back onto the road and then guided the driver back to the main road.

This was not an easy job by any means. It took some gardening skills, shovelling skills, and most importantly years of experience in heavy duty towing. Great job team!

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 Details of Bogged Down Truck Will Need a Tow 

The Bee Line dispatch center received a phone call from a client who definitely did need a tow. The heavy towing team understood this would be a complicated task so they had the driver send them pictures of his loaded truck. Once they saw the pictures, the towing team drove out to the driver (who did need a tow) with the right equipment.

Upon arrival at the scene, the heavy towing team assessed the situation. Although the truck did need a tow, some work needed to be done beforehand. The heavy  towing team used a weedwacker to clear an access path to the truck. The heavy towing team shovelled mud out from under the wear of the truck. The heavy towing team used their hands to dig out more mud and gain access to the rigging. The heavy towing team encountered a copperhead snake which was removed from the scene in order for the emergency towing service to continue. The heavy towing team attached their rigging to the truck. A rotator was used to lift the trailer and swing it back onto the road. The driver was no longer in need of a tow and was safely escorted to the main road.