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Lift and Move Heavy Equipment With Our Help

The bulkiest of equipment must be treated with utmost care and precision. With Bee Line Transport, you get the assurance that your heavy equipment is being hauled and moved by experienced professionals who have been doing it for years. We haul vehicles and machinery weighing up to 90,000 lb.

Get Your Heavy-Duty Equipment Hauled for Service

From Conex boxes to heavy construction equipment, we can haul and move your assets carefully and efficiently. Don’t worry about getting your big, bulky machines in place anymore! Bee Line Transport is here to help.

Most of the heavy-duty hauling requests we get are for regular maintenance and service purposes. We have a full-service shop where we take care of all the major heavy-duty repairs for your convenience and satisfaction! Call us today to get your heavy-duty equipment hauled, moved, or serviced conveniently.

We complete the job on the same day or the next day.